Pebbles Project

Pebbles Project
The Pebbles Project is located on Villiera who made available the offices.

The main emphasis of the Pebbles Project is on education and enriching the lives of disadvantaged children and families in the Winelands farming communities in the Western Cape.

Access to Villiera’s Wildlife Sanctuary enables the Pebbles Project to teach environmental awareness incorporating interactive experiences.

The Villiera Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre and After-school club are operated under the supervision of the Pebbles Project.  Early childhood development is provided to +30 children of Villiera farm workers and the fully equipped after-school club provides a safe environment where children can complete homework assignments under supervision while their parents are still at work.

Tel: +27.218652002 Fax: +27.218652314 Email: Cnr R101 & R304, Koelenhof, P.O. Box 66 , Stellenbosch, 7605, South Africa

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